CSA Sponsors 2015

Thanks to all of our generous sponsors who do what they do to support not only Chop Shot Archery but the entire archery community. Take a moment and meet our 2015 sponsors, and continue to check back as we post product reviews:

archery-sights-and-releasesTRU Ball releases and Axcel sights are some of the best performing and most popular in archery. Chops uses both brands for 3D archery tournaments, including the TRU Ball Fulcrum 3 Finger Medium release, and Achieve Carbon CX sight with X41 scope from Axcel. www.truball.com releases | www.axcelsights.com sights

gold-tip-arrowsGold Tip arrows adhere to the straightest standards in the industry, and offer a wide range of arrows for beginners to pros. Chops’ preferred arrows are X-Cutters by Gold Tip. www.goldtip.com

best-archery-bow-strings-barnburnerBarn Burner custom bow strings come custom made in dozens of color combinations. They are made of BCY 452X material, a tried-and-true preference for archers. Find Chops out on the range with his orange and purple Barn Burner string. www.barnburnerstrings.com


bow-stabilizers-bee-stingerBee Stinger is an archery favorite for stabilizers, especially the sizes and weights coveted by competitive 3D archers. Chops has front and rear Premium Plus Bee Stinger stabilizers on his bow, and also uses their limited edition microphone for interviews. www.beestinger.com

archery-shop-wisconsin-bkiiiBKIII Archery Pro Shop is in Wind Lake, WI and offers the highest service, as well as a selection of the top brands. BKIII is known for offering  more target archery equipment and expertise than anyone else in SE Wisconsin. www.bk3archery.com

ibd-and-ostomy-awarenessCrohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are autoimmune diseases that don’t discriminate, not even in archery. Chop Shot Archery’s Marketing Department is a patient of UC, and co-founder of this awareness organization. Wonder what it’s like to live with these diseases? Start by reading this.

last-chance-archery-logoLast Chance Archery’s bow presses allow archery enthusiasts and pros to work on their bows at home, making all the adjustments to a perfect shooting position. Chops has the EZ Press Green set up in his home workshop. www.lastchancearchery.com

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Email us at chops@chopshotarchery.com

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  1. April 24, 2015

    […] the illustrious Kim Miller, of the famous Miller Family of Archery. Kim discusses life at Chop Shot Archery sponsor BKIII, the tournament life, and some other proposed archery rules. Check it […]

  2. April 24, 2015

    […] of 2015 with Chops, as he announces his latest sponsors, upcoming programs, and even hints about his first […]

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